The people behind the magic

Robert Bloom

Managing Partner and Founder - South Africa

Managing Partner and Founder of DesignThinkers Group and DesignThinkers Academy South Africa. Robert is also an Extraordinary Lecturer at Stellenbosch University working in close collaboration with NovusDesign and SocioNovus.

Robert has worked globally in multiple industries across five continents. This experience brings insights into the importance of technology, innovation and diversity in leading and growing market share with a more human-centred organisation and partner ecosystem.

Robert has a Masters at the Executive Level in Business Adminstration (2011) from the UCT GSB with a specialisation in Systems Thinking Frameworks.

Katherine Train

Experienced Facilitator specializing in problem solving, resilience and empathy

Katherine is an experienced facilitator and researcher. She provides empathic service when leading, consulting or working with others.   She is pushing the boundaries in applied empathy in organisational contexts, researching and developing learning material in her field.


Katherine holds a PhD from University of Cape Town, GSB, where she researched compassion capability in resource-limited organizations in South Africa characterized by diversity across cultural, racial, socio-economic and educational lines

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Dr Svea van der Hoorn

Head of DT Learning Programs

Svea is known for the incisive questions of curiosity she poses. They spur people on to explore possibilities and expand narrow stories. She is tenacious about connecting the map and the territory to ensure that brilliant ideas become do-able activities that create rippling value. Svea's talent as a facilitator opens spaces for people's creativity to emerge. Her capability as a professional coach encourages rigor.

With her educational psychology experience Svea tends to upholding dignity and integrity and is valued as a significant partner in collaborations.


​Svea has a doctorate in Systems Thinking from UCT and is has deep experience in designing learning programs.

Copy Of -Colin Skelton

Senior Facilitator specialising in applied theatre in organisational contexts

Colin is focused on developing, refining and facilitating effective applications of performance methodologies to Design Thinking processes. Colin has a passion in exotic theatre, studying, researching, practising and facilitating various forms of theatre and performance art.


Colin completed a Master’s degree in Dramatic Art (MADA) at Wits University. He has since, focused on applying and facilitating principles of performance and creativity, in organisational and business contexts.  He is inspired by Design Thinking as an effective process that stimulates innovation and creative growth in people and organisations. “The more we explore by 'doing', the more we learn and grow.”

Professor K. Mugendi M'Rithaa

Senior Partner DesignThinkers Group South Africa

Mugendi is a Professor in Industrial Designer/Educator/Researcher with a passion for Africa, design and new technology.

Mugendi served as the President elect of the World Design Organisation (2015-2017). He is now President Emeritus and Convenor of State driving the power of design as a catalyst for creativity and innovation.


Mugendi is an unprecedented source of deep knowledge around human-centred and universal design. His international academic and professional career is highly cited, and evident in the numerous boards he serves on, his research output, and broad peer admiration.

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Thys Pretorius

DesignThinkers SA Business Development

Tom Ryan

Head of Strategy - DesignThinkers

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Danielle Ehlrich

Experience Designer and Facilitator

Abbas Jamie

DesignThinkers Group Partner

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