Our story

We collaborate across borders and industries.

Design thinking is widely recognized as a framework for working through complex business challenges in a collaborative or co-creative way. It goes beyond any single business discipline to design products and service combinations from a human-centred perspective.

At DesignThinkers we work together as one global family to deliver value to our clients.

Why DesignThinkers Group?

DesignThinkers Group believe in the power of innovation through co-creation, and that tremendous value can be created when organizations move from ‘designing for’ to ‘designing with’ their customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

We co-design our interactions together with our client team, ensuring time and resources are used efficiently.

How we work

Whether the project is a co-design workshop, a bespoke training session, or a service design sprint, we work closely with our client team to understand the context of the design challenge and craft a program that provides the highest chance for a successful outcome.  

We hand-over the capability for our clients to grow creative confidence through radical collaboration.

Our global ​family

Carla Montané, DTG España Consultora Cualitativa

Join us for the ride


Are you interested in working with us? Are you looking for an internship? Do you have want to partner or collaborate with us? Let us know, we are interested to discuss new opportunities.

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