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Our Team

Jani de Kock
DT Facilitator
Doctor Katherine Train Senior Facilitator Design Thinking Empathy
Dr. Katherine Train
DT Senior Facilitator
Colin Skelton Design Thinking Faciliator
Colin Skelton
DT Senior Facilitator
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Tim Schuurman Design Thinking Design Thinkers Co-founder Lead in The Netherlands
Abbas Jamie
DT Senior Facilitator
Tim Schuurman
DTA-SA Co-founder
Arne van Oosterom Founder Design Thinking Design Thinkers Strategy
Arne van Oosterom
DTG-SA Co-founder

Our Reach

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Our global clients

Below is a sample of some of the amazing organisations we have been priveledged enough to run design thinking projects with across the globe.

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"DT Facilitation Training and Certificate of Competence grows both you and your business simultaneously. I am so pleased with what has come from this all. I’m feeling incredibly excited to start running more DT workshops."

Alison Harris

Social enterprise entrepreneur; DT Facilitation Certificate of Competence Graduate (2018)

"I was very convergence focused. Through this training, I grew a deeper respect for the divergence phase and a greater willingness to spend time in that with the understanding that ultimately your end solution is going to have much better results. You explore multiple options, the insights you get are much richer."

Jacqui Watson

Mobile technology developer, DT Facilitation Certificate of Competence Graduate (2018)

"Thank you for the lovely feedback and the amount of work you put into it. I will print it and leave it somewhere in the office for my boss to 'find' it :-)"

Zoe Duflou

DT Facilitation Certificate of Competence Graduate (2018)

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