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Do small things that matter

"I literally did not have a desk for years. I couldn't make beer in an office. I couldn't sell beer in an office, so I didn't need a desk. If I had to go sit somewhere it would be in a bar. It would be with the customers."

--Jim Koch

You are at the end of the year! You made it ! Well done! Now that is something to celebrate.

In the southern hemisphere it is hot, maybe stinking hot. So you might be drinking an ice cool beverage to stay hydrated. In the North, you are trying to avoid flu and drinking hot drinks to stay warm. Whatever it is that you are drinking, make sure it is with people who you love. For me the theme of the year has been to get out there and deliver an extended service set to our customers. We have made some inroads, and look forward to furthering those efforts next year. But, delivering products and services is not all that work is about. It is also about building partnerships, making friends and doing things that you enjoy, things that matter with people that matter. Sitting at your desk and coming up with new products and services is unlikely way to befriend, learn about or get to know people better. While people are attracted to new shiny bright objects, more enduring relationships result when people show that they care, make a contribution, or who spend time and effort in just getting to know them.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” Vincent Van Gogh

This year customers that have come back to us, have been those with whom we have built new services, those to whom we have shown interest, who we have helped and supported in ways that don’t always require an invoice or a payment. Who we thought of and included in our activities and did little things for. Sometimes it is just the little things that matter. Not only because a series of little things brought together can result in a great thing, but also because the day you stop doing the small things is the day you think you are above everyone else. And it is highly possible that it is the small things that will make you successful. Often small things can give you hope, as big things can feel insurmountable. Chad Hurley said that “…success around any product is really about subtle insights. You need a great product and a bigger vision to execute against, but its really the small things that make the biggest difference.”

So one small thing to do, is to pay attention to people. Show them some care, from a hug to just acknowledging their efforts. There does not always have to be a payback. I think this world has lacked a bit of care this year. Care for each other, care for ourselves, care for the earth we walk on and the ocean we live nearby.

Inspiration for 2023

Let’s move into next year with care, genuine care for others and for self, for the human and non-human things. Let’s make sure we do the right things, not always striving to do things right. Because what is right? Right depends on circumstances, rules, controls and other variables out of control. Doing the right things can always lead to a new pathway, or better a series of steps towards a preferred future. So my inspiration to you for 2023 is to go forth without fear or prejudice and reach for your dreams. And while doing that, make an effort to help others and shine your light for others to see by doing things that matter. They need not be big things, small things matter too, whether it is sitting with customers or listening. For this I wish you courage, and courage can be gained by doing small things, building confidence, achievements and results, but more importantly, leaving your light, your positive imprint on someone else’s world.

"The older I get, the more I'm conscious of ways very small things can make a change in the world. Tiny little things, but the world is made up of tiny matters, isn't it?" Sandra Cisneros


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