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Driving Entrepreneurship

Generating revenue every month in a world rife with competition is no mean feat but creating constant and sustainable revenue streams is the work of a true warrior. It is also an art and a science. It therefore requires the meeting of powerful forces, shifted into an energy vortex, all at the right time and the right place. There is a variety of tools to help make it happen. From education and harvesting experiences to working with and for other companies.

But the place where entrepreneurship skills are born is not in books, and not in your mind. But in the doing!

Entrepreneurs should be learning every day from the very people they are helping. Learning things that help shape the world while at the same time validating the offering in the system. And all the while balancing family while trying to build a business with legs, that is sustainable with a positive net impact on the planet.

Being an entrepreneurial warrior

Everyone has a calling, a purpose, and moments when they realize what their next steps must be. And it is in those moments that a future world, a preferred place can be “sensed” and imagined. The question is whether one is ready for it, ready to take the risk, make the leap and jump…

Remaining relevant

The thing is that customers have choice, to keep them your business must constantly exceed expectations and meet the rapidly changing preferences and goals of people adjusting to volatility, complexity and uncertainty. To do this entrepreneur need to be driven and focused on making customers happy.

So what are some key lessons to try and apply:

1. Harness energy and drive: Growth does not come easy; it requires a joint unclouded vision and a certain desperation or drive to realize this vision

2. Take risks: This desperation or drive must translate into calculated risks, for with risk comes reward; however, there is no real formula for those calculations

3. Drive entrepreneurship: This drive needs to translate into entrepreneurial and innovation-led activities, and you can't have one without the other

4. Gear-up: Being the warrior may not come naturally and may require you to find weapons and allies to fight the good fight', to build your warrior capabilities

5. Network incessantly: Allies, in the form of networks, deep networks, will support your business and its value proposition if well constituted, so look for trusted allies

6. Create a winning culture: Most importantly you will need to build a team of warriors around you of people that are aligned, and firing on all cylinders

7. Connect intimately to customers: Authentic real relationships will differentiate your brand and entrench relationships, without which you may be up the creek without a paddle As the founder, you often get in the way, so how can you enable others to drive a vision, one that is inclusive of what everyone wants and needs requires some of the above key principles.

Integrity is an essential component of who you are and if you are not authentic, the absence of both of these will ultimately be your downfall.

In conclusion, entrepreneurship is not for the faint-hearted, but should you manage to overcome these hurdles, you are more likely to reach fulfillment and success. That success will be dependent on your ability to tap into the warrior, the fighter in you. Because without a good fight, you won't overcome these challenges.


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