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Innovation Leadership And Intrapreneurship | Part 4


Innovation takes resourcefulness, grit, tact and stealth to shift things. Intrapreneurs need to find ways outside of pre-determined formulas to be successful. Take careful steps to protect and support new product and service development.

Finding new customers is the safest and easiest way to test new concepts without stepping on the institution’s toes. Later on legacy clients can migrate to new products/services and reap the benefits. In this way everyone gets to walk the path of discovery and be a part of the solution Approach: Shift into new markets with new products and services by developing value-added concepts out of the mainstream client zone.

Innovation Leadership Implication: Develop incremental solutions for niche markets by taking brave steps and staying positive even when failures occur.

It will be through experimentation and managing emotions, fear and distrust effectively that you will succeed. This means trying new things with clients who are desperately seeking success themselves. Find the right solution for the right customer and success will be yours.


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